1. Mobile Application: Rose Buds school provides  School log Apps and modules which are super easy to use and work with. Since the School log is completely online, one can log in via a web browser on any device and access all the data. Apart from this, the School log covers all the problems related to school management like Automated Attendance  Digital Diary, Instant Alerts, Data Management, Hassle-Free report card generation, and much more thereby providing the best solution.
  2. Smart Classroom: RBSSS provides teaching with the help of ‘Smart Classes’. This method of teaching helps teachers to turn boring lectures into an engaging session. This makes learning more attractive, interesting, and easy to understand thus encouraging the ability of students to learn and memorize topics for a prolonged period of time.
  3. Laboratory: Practical work and hands-on experience involve a perpetual state of show and tell. The science Laboratories at our school offer high-quality learning space for students, which encourages deep understanding in children, and also they are able to gain knowledge at ease.
  4. Library: The school provides a well- managed library to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access to the books available. The school library is a student-centered library to encourage curiosity, innovation, and problem – solving ideas among students.RBSSS library serves as the storehouse of knowledge, providing more than just books, e-books, databases of accurate information plus fun and educational events.
  5. Computer and internet facility: we have full-fledged computer laboratories to meet the needs of staff and students. Internet facility is also provided to promote educational excellence, including intellectual growth and professional development.
  6. Transportation services: RBSSS provides transport facilities on specified routes. The vans and Rickshaws operate under the safety measures which ensures that your child reaches home safely and securely.
  7. ICT and Multimedia: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an integral part of the curriculum. It is taught as a standalone subject from class 1st onwards and also woven throughout the curriculum. Students learn to use the computer program and the Internet to enhance communication and learning. ICT and the Internet with their practical application provide the students with ample opportunities to acquire mastery in ICT skills. An interactive smartboard, Multimedia projector, an overhead projector, document camera, educational CD-ROMs, and videotapes are available in a multimedia center to support and enrich learnship and teaching.
  8. Medicare: The school has the adequately equipped First Aid Centre, with a doctor on call, Attendants and helpers.
  9. Canteen: RBSSS as a modern well-stocked canteen sells juices, cold drinks and snacks during the break to provide healthy and balanced food to students.
  10. Career guidance and counseling: A qualified career counselor assists individuals to develop self – exploration abilities, implementing educational and occupational choices.